coffee& alarm clocks.

woke up a different way this morning, smile on my face I chuckled from the groan you made when a loud noise started coming from your phone. You rolled over and smacked your hand ever which way til it finally stopped. Sleep still in your eye your rolled back over pecked my lips with your and […]

Life experiences.

up here in alaska, you sometimes become so overwhelmed with work that you lose track of days and the forget to appreciate the beautiful place your at in the world. Before you know it time is gone and your on your flight home looking back thinking about the experience and seeing you didn’t really get […]

Breaking Point.

what pushes someone to hit their breaking point? We all have different way of dealing and handling things.. some better than others. For me its the build up.. I push the little things under the rug and pretend everything is okay just to avoid the confrontation.  I would get angry and upset over it and not […]