Life experiences.

up here in alaska, you sometimes become so overwhelmed with work that you lose track of days and the forget to appreciate the beautiful place your at in the world. Before you know it time is gone and your on your flight home looking back thinking about the experience and seeing you didn’t really get the chance to enjoy yourself..Thats why when I got this unforgettable opportunity to go FLYFISHIN’ I took full advantage of it. Wednesday afternoon feelin really bummed at work from a series of unfortunate events tryin my best to just get thru the day when my manage comes to me and asks if i have a minute.. thinking in my head oh geez what else could go wrong, what did i (or didn’t i do) this time! only to find out that I was one of the few works that was picked to go on an airplane over the remote terrain of alaska, all i had to do was find someone to cover my shift, buy a fishing license, and pack a lunch! With that in the back of my mind sold my next few fews day of free time to a co-worker to get the day off. Eager with only 4 hours of sleep i rushed out the door unsure of what to expect met with 4 other coworkers at 530 am and headed for the lil town of Soldotna.. to tired to keep my eyes open woke up to a log cabin on the water and everyone getting out of the van. puzzled by what was goin on wiped the sleep from my eyes and followed in pursuit to be greeted by a tall slender blonde haired blue eyed man that was interested in my shoe size. All I could think of was i hope i dont have drool on my face! we packed up and head down to the water of Longmere lake where a tiny fly-out plane sat. chatted and went over safety rules as we waited for the pilot to arrive. Before i knew i was climbing in the back of the 5 seater plane putting my headphones on listenin to the pilot and co pilot talk as if i was tuning into my own personal talk show. 2 hour flight over lake clark national park, so close to the snowy mountains I felt like i could reach out and touch them. Mountains all around and then all of a sudden a lake as far as the eye could see came into view not a single creature around, i was in awe! Made it to our first stop of the day; two lakes. A place hidden away in the mountains so serene and tranquil. we got our fishin rods ready and made the fist cast of the day few short minutes later the girls had the fist bit!, putting up a fight we finally caught a  pike. UGLY LOOK FISH! green and yellow coloring with a duck like mouth but way more teeth, looks more like a dinosaur than a fish. A few more catches and then we were on to our next destination  for some grayling. thinkin in my head I never wanna land if we could fly around all day i would be so happy. Life seems so different for the window of a plane. Having a soft landing we grabbed our fishing poles and walked 10 minutes to our next fishing spot. These rods weren’t your typical fishing rods, smaller with thicker line and a tiny bobber in the middle it was time to learn how to fly fish. Trying to do it as in the movies and i was all caught up in my line,  Its not as easy as they make it out to be. With a little help from the guide i was catching grayling in no time, Having the time of my life standing in water up to my thighs listening to the birds and water rushing past in a state all of my own. THIS IS WHAT LIVING IS ALL ABOUT!  those tiny little experience that will be with you forever and the amazing people you get to share them with. lookin around with everyone so at peace having so much, thinkin its crazy how somethin so simple so natural can bring so much tranquility. wishing people could have this feelin more often i casted one last time and caught my last grayling before heading back to the plane where we hung out and had lunch on what would be the legs of the plane. Sun shining down water crystal clear mountains in the distance as if i was placed right there by god to be apart of a painting! a memory i will never forget. playing musical chairs I climbed in the plane for our finally destination only 10 mins away…This time to catch lake trout. There is a different technique  with every fish and i had mastered them all except for the trout.. You cast your line and let it go til you fell it hit the bottom and at a medium pace real it back up and you really have to feel pole and line.. the smallest little nudge and you pull the rod up similar to snagging witch i am not very good at. watching everyone catching trout i was gettin a lil disappointed.. then finally i had a bit so excited as the fish slowly comes in to view to find out its a  …. Grayling. which is apparently rare to catch a grayling in this part of the water. Still determined i casted out every time just enjoying the view if anything Stayed as long as we as we possible could until it was time to go back. slowly but surly we made our way back to the plane and hoped in one last time. but we had one one thing to do on the list and that was to go sightseeing for BEARS ! doozing in and out tryin my hardest to keep my eyes open but the sleepness won and i fell asleep to be woken up by the pilot to wake up, looked out my window and it was flat green grass as if someone had turned on the vivid filter flying over mama bears and their cubs could help but say aww ! some were timid and ran as we flew past others stood up curious of what we were, and few lounged in the taller part of the grass just lookin at us. thinking how fortunate i am to have this experience of a lifetime. learning that even thou you sometimes dont think so hard does pay off one way or another, to give your 100% everytime no matter what and to be greatful no matter where your at!  IMG_9064


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