Day in bangkok

Day one complete! so much to see so little time. Trying to make the most of our time so We decided to spend the day walking around Chinatown. A place where all your senses are heightened, from the smell of garlic and spices at every food cart as you walk past ,to the sound of the food as its cooking and all the cars & Tuk tuks buzzing past and honking as they fly by, your sight is almost in disbelief as people walk past selling fried scorpion, or little men wheeling things twice their size. Your taste buds in full effect as you try one of everything from bami haeng pet yang noodle with duck(which is very chewy by the way) to pa thong ko which is a fried doughnut heated up on a grill with drizzled chocolate, But taste 10x better. And the feeling of the rain on your fingers as your walking past all of it!As we Find our way out of the maze of Chinatown we head on to the TEMPLES!

 In awe of how big, beautiful, & detailed they are we head to wat pho first. the largest temple in Bangkok as well as the temple of the reclining Buddha. It measures 150 ft tall and covered in gold. Such a crazy sight to see your curiosity starts to wonder, as to why or how they got it so big! From there we go thru airport security to walk around the golden palace. Unfortunately with the king just passing we weren’t allowed to go in but still beautiful to walk past and admire. With our sweet tooth in effect head to this lil whole in the wall ice cream shop, a lil off the beaten path you rally have to do your research to get there but def worth it when you do. It’s a place that seemed only the locals (or tourist who do their research) go to. With just a couple of chairs out front a lil old lady appears and asks us to have a sit. As she reads off the few flavours she has .. Thai tea and coffee jump out at me. (Coffee ice cream is my childhood, it wasn’t an option not to try) As Dan gets coconut and durian(not very good and smells horrible) she rushes to the back and seconds later comes out with our ice cream.. so light and creamy our taste buds were goin crazy and All for 60 baht ( around 1.50) feeling extremely satisfied we head to the last temple .. THE GOLDEN MOUNTAIN ! Don’t really know how it got it’s name but up a few flights of stairs and you have a beautiful view of Bangkok. The beauty of it all was so Breathtaking. Feeling a lil worn out we head back to the hotel where I take a lil cat nap and Dan goes for a swim. If it wasn’t for the hunger in my stomach,I could of been out for the night, but I freshin up and we head back out .. back to CHINATOWN ! 

We thought it was crazy during the day but it’s a whole other world at night. vendors and street carts on both sides the brightness of every sign lighting up the night as if it was day. Walking past unsure of what to get, we finally decide on a lil cart with a few tables on the side. With the choice limiting to rice or noodle duck or pork I decide to go with the noodle with duck dish. which was better than I expected, a bit chewy but not bad. Dan decided to give both a try and got pork & duck with noodle. And All for a whopping 130 baht ( about$4). We walked around a bit more and then decided on a lil dessert and then headed back to the hotel. Such an amazing day and Crazy to think our adventure has began. Can’t wait to see what else is in store !!


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